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Common Myths

Have You Fallen for Any of These Common Myths About Artificial Grass?

Don’t feel bad if you’ve fallen for any of these common myths about artificial grass – you are not alone. Learn the truth about this innovative, multi-purpose option and then contact Sun City Synthetic Turf at (951) 566-7388 if you are ready for your free estimate.

Myth:  You Cannot Have a Dog if You Have Artificial Grass

Actually, artificial grass is better for pets than natural grass in a few different ways. When you work with Sun City Synthetic Turf, we install the product to ensure that the draining system is working correctly. There are additive products within the turf itself to keep it free from odors. When your dog urinates on the grass, the urine is flushed through the drainage holes in the artificial turf and all you have to do is rinse it off. You remove solid waste the same way you would from a natural lawn. An added bonus is the fact that artificial grass does not get the bare patches that pet urine can cause.

Myth:  Artificial Turf is Only Used for Sports

Artificial can be installed to replace natural grass just about anywhere you can have grass planted – and in some places you can’t have a lawn. From yards to pool areas, from rooftop decks to commercial properties, it can be installed anywhere you can think of.

Myth:  The Materials Used to Make the Turf and Infill Are Toxic

If you are sure to choose a quality installation company that installs quality products like TigerTurf, you can feel confident that we use only non-toxic ingredients. In some cases, they may be recycled too. There is a persisting myth that crumb rubber, which is sometimes used as infill, is toxic. The scientific evidence is clear that it is not dangerous to touch, inhale, or ingest.

Myth:  All Artificial Grass is Essentially the Same

No. Higher-quality turf will have better draining and will look much more natural. The expert installation makes a difference, too, as it would with any other installation.

Myth:  Artificial Turf is Burning Hot

Artificial grass indeed absorbs and transfers more heat than natural grass but not to the point of being uncomfortable. You can also choose certain modifications to reduce the effects of heating, such as subsurface cooling systems, choosing lighter colors of grass to install, and requesting lighter-colored infill.

Myth:  It is Not Safe to Play on Artificial Grass

Some people are under the misconception that artificial turf is essentially a layer of fake grass on top of cement. This is false. Studies have shown that newer, high-quality synthetic grass options can reduce the number of impact injuries compared to natural grass.

Myth:  Artificial Grass is Extremely Expensive

When you choose artificial over natural grass, you want to skip a wide range of costs including equipment to mow and maintain your lawn, the gas or other energy source needed to power that equipment, and costly fertilizers and/or pesticides. On the other hand, artificial grass requires no ongoing expense and will generally pay for itself in lower bills within three to four years.

Are you worried about any other “fact” you have heard about artificial grass? Contact Sun City Synthetic Turf at (951) 566-7388 to get the truth.

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