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School & Nurseries

Protect the Kiddos with High-Quality Artificial Grass for Schools and Nurseries

Finding the best way to landscape your school or nursery just got easier because Sun City Synthetic Turf is here to provide the simple answer: Choose artificial grass. We know that not all schools and nurseries realize just how valuable this choice will be. Read on to learn about the advantages of our products compared to natural grass, then feel free to call us at (951) 566-7388 for a free estimate.

Artificial Grass Can Keep the Kids Safer

There are several ways in which artificial grass can keep kids safer. First, you do not have to worry about holes or divots that can cause running children to fall. Second, it does not become slick or muddy when it rains, so falls from those issues are non-existent. Finally, consider that it entirely allergen-free and does not provide a home for bugs and pests. This keeps even those with asthma safe while playing outside.

It is a Practical and Low-Maintenance Option

We have found that schools have an easier time getting approved for new landscaping if it does not also need to include ongoing maintenance costs. Artificial grass is an excellent option in this area. Instead of paying for monthly mowing, weeding, and trimming, you can simply have it installed – it will never need to be cut, fed, or watered and it does not get muddy. It self-drains when it does rain and a quick rinse is virtually the only maintenance required.

It is the Most Cost-Effective Option in the Long Run

Is installing artificial turf for your school or nursery going to be the cheapest upfront option? Probably not. However, it is going to be the most cost-effective option, in the long run, thanks to the very low-maintenance features. You will no cost of upkeep and will not run the risk of having to reseed. TigerTurf guarantees its product for 15 years so you know you can count on it for years to come.

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