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Dog Runs

You May Be Surprised by the Many Benefits of Using Artificial Grass in a Dog Run

If you are like many pet owners, you may have assumed that artificial grass would not work well with your dog. We are happy to report that the opposite is true – many homeowners moving from natural grass to artificial grass for their dog run report that their dogs love it just as much as they do. Please keep reading to find out how Sun City Synthetic Turf can be great for your dog and then contact us at (951) 566-7388 to get an estimate.

Artificial Grass Dog Runs are Comfortable and Durable

The key to finding the right solution for your dog is to select something durable enough to handle your pooch’s roughhousing, yet is comfortable enough that your dog will not revolt when walking over it. That is exactly what you get with TigerTurf. This nearly indestructible artificial grass gives you the look you want with the comfort and durability you need.

You’ll Have Fewer Fleas and Bugs to Deal With

No pet owner wants anything to do with fleas or bugs, yet there is no way to get them out of your natural lawn. With an artificial grass dog run, this is not the case. Remember that these pests cannot survive in the yard without grass and dirt. A natural lawn is either full of these bugs or is heavily treated with chemicals that can be harmful to your dog. This is not the case with artificial grass.

A Dog Run Made from Artificial Grass is Easier to Clean

Yes, you read that right – artificial is easy to clean after your pooch has soiled it. The liquid waste is taken care of by the built-in drainage system – all you need to do is hose it down every so often. The solid waste is easy to spot and you can get rid of it the same way you would get rid of solid waste in a natural grass dog run. Unlike natural grass though, artificial turf does not get discolored or otherwise damaged by doggy waste.

Your Dog Can Stay Cleaner on Artificial Grass

Whether your dog likes to dig in the dirt or play in the mud, grass can be dirty and result in a dinghy dog. This is not the case with artificial turf. No matter what mother nature offers up, you will not have to deal with pools of water or muddy grass. This means less cleanup of your dog and an assurance that he’ll be as clean when he comes in as he was when he went out. If your dog is a digger, you can also enjoy the fact that this grass cannot be dug up – so no more holes in your yard!

Are you ready to take advantage of the always beautiful artificial grass dog run? If you want beautiful green grass all year long, and a safe and clean place for Fido to play, we recommend contacting Sun City Synthetic Turf at (951) 566-7388 for a free estimate.

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