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Serving all of Riverside County
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Enjoy the Look and Feel of Artificial Grass on Your Roof, Deck, and Patio

Is there any outdoor area that isn’t improved by adding artificial grass? At Sun City Synthetic Turf, we say no! There are many reasons that our clients appreciate the option to have synthetic turf installed on their roofs, decks, and patios. Read on to learn about them and then contact us at (951) 566-7388 if you would like a free estimate.

Artificial Grass on Your Roof, Deck, and Patio Looks Great Every Day of the Year

One of the many reasons to choose to add artificial grass to any of these areas is the fact that it will look great every day of the year. Why deal with grass that can develop dry spots, brown spots, and unsightly holes? With artificial turf, you can trust that it will be a beautiful green each day of the year.

Why Waste Time Maintaining Grass on Your Roof, Deck, or Patio?

If you had natural grass planted on your roof, deck, or patio, you’d have to deal with the time-consuming and costly process of keeping it green all year long. You’d have to water it, fertilize it, add pesticides – and still, you can not be guaranteed that it would stay as beautiful as you’d like it to be. Choose the sure-shot with artificial grass for your roof, deck, and patio.

Your Pet Will Love Your Roof, Deck, or Patio Grass

Yes, pets can use artificial grass. In fact, there are several reasons it can be better for them than natural grass. First, synthetic grass does not attract bugs and pests – which means you don’t have to worry about your pooch. Second, artificial grass has an incredible drainage system that can remove liquid waste instantly. Solid waste can be picked up the same way you would pick it up on natural grass. When it’s time to freshen up, just hose off the surface.

Artificial Grass Can Be Used as Part of Your Overall Landscaping Project

If your roof, deck, or patio has pavers or other hardscaping options, don’t worry – we can design our artificial grass installation to work perfectly with them. In fact, we can create the best landscaping project you’ve seen – just ask for examples! Call Sun City Synthetic Turf at (951) 566-7388 and let’s get started.

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