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Sports Areas

Discover Why Artificial Grass is Perfect for Sports Areas

No matter what the sport, no matter what the need, artificial grass is a better option than natural grass. In fact, you will find it used successfully in just about all types of sports areas. If you are ready to find out how affordable it can be for your needs, contact Sun City Synthetic Turf at (951) 566-7388 for a free estimate.

Artificial Grass Can Be Used for Both Indoor and Outdoor Applications

The durable, affordable option you will find artificial grass can be used for sports areas both inside and outside. Some of the applications it can be used for including sports complexes, batting cages, gyms, training facilities, indoor fitness centers, baseball fields, soccer fields, football fields, and softball fields. Note that each of these types of sports areas requires their own specific type of artificial grass and application. At Sun City Synthetic Turf we are highly experienced in helping clients find the solutions they are looking for.

Use Artificial Turf Every Day of the Year

One of the most impressive things about artificial turf is the fact that you do not have to rely on the weather to determine if you can play – it can be played on every day of the year. It does not get slick in rain and mud does not develop. As a result, there are no risks involved in playing in all types of weather conditions.

Artificial Grass Does Not Need to “Recover” Between Games

Artificial grass often needs time to “recover” between games. This is due to the fact that it has low endurance and cannot handle much heavy traffic all at once. This is not the case with artificial turf. It may need a quick brushing with a wire-haired brush but other than that it will be ready to go.

There is No Reason to Spend Hours – and Thousands of Dollars – Maintaining Your Turf

If you have natural grass, you have to deal with mowing, trimming, watering, fertilizing – and even then you could end up with grass that has huge brown spots. Your players may be subjected to toxic chemical exposure if pesticides are used. None of these are concerns with artificial grass because it is naturally virtually weed-free, it does not need to be watered, and only minor maintenance is required.

Be Kind to the Earth and Choose Artificial Grass for Sports Areas

The fact that this type of turf is an eco-friendly choice is excellent for several reasons. First, you will know that you are doing your part to protect the environment. Second, you will be reducing your costs. How? By not spending money watering the field, not wasting money adding fertilizers or pesticides, and not wasting money in other areas of general upkeep.

You Are Make a Cost-Effective Option

It is hard to believe that all of these advantages are also the most cost-effective option, but they generally are. While it may be more expensive initially, the significantly lower price of maintenance means that an artificial sports turf area may often pay for itself in just four years – and the manufacturer guarantees the project for 15 years.

If you are ready to find out more about your many options and how much it will cost, then we recommend you contact Sun City Synthetic Turf at (951) 566-7388 at your earliest convenience.

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