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Residential Artificial Grass

The Many Reasons to Choose Residential Artificial Grass

Whether you are building a new home or replacing your existing lawn, there are many reasons to choose residential artificial grass. At Sun City Synthetic Turf, we are proud to offer a two-year warranty on our installation and the manufacturer of the turf, TigerTurf, covers their products for a full 15 years. Please keep reading to learn about the many benefits of residential artificial grass and then contact us at (951) 566-7388 to learn more.

You Can Say Goodbye to Watering, Mowing, and Other Expensive and Time-Consuming Upkeep

One of the main reasons clients choose residential artificial grass is because they want to say goodbye to watering their lawn. They want this option that never needs to be watered. They want to say goodbye to mowing, trimming, and other lawn maintenance tasks that take time, energy, and money. When you want a perfect looking lawn that you can set and forget, then you want residential artificial grass.

Yes, an artificial lawn does require some maintenance but it is as simple as using a leaf blower to get rid of any leaves, or hosing it down every few months to keep it clean. Buy a natural brush broom and give it a quick sweep to fluff up any areas that require it.

Artificial Grass is Safer for Kids and Pets

When you choose artificial grass, you do not have to use any potentially harmful chemicals to keep it looking great. Would you rather your children and/or Fido play on a natural lawn that’s been treated with pesticides, weed killers, and fertilizer, or allergen-friendly artificial grass options? Do you want your dog to chew on grass, which can be dangerous? They are generally not interested in artificial turf, which makes it a great option to keep Fido focused on what he’s doing in the yard.

Reduce the Mess You Have to Clean Up

Everyone has tracked mud through a home at one time or another. Families with dogs and/or children may find this a common occurrence. The good news is that residential artificial grass does not get muddy and does result in the outside being tracked inside. When Fido urinates on it, the built-in drainage system gets it away quickly. Solid waste is cleaned up the same way you would clean it up on natural grass.

It Looks Great Every Day of the Year

In California, we don’t have to worry much about snow or cold destroying the lawn, but drought can leave huge brown patches. Artificial grass looks green and beautiful every day of the year. If you are ready to see how it could work for you, we invite you to contact Sun City Synthetic Turf at (951) 566-7388 for a free estimate.

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